Frequently Asked Questions

What is pelvic floor physiotherapy?

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is a specialized area of physiotherapy where disorders related to your pelvic floor muscles are treated. The pelvic floor muscles are located in your pelvis. These muscles are very important as they function to help keep you continent (prevent bladder or bowel leaks). They are also important for sexual function, supporting your core, posture, breath and lymphatic system. Some of the most commonly known pelvic floor disorders are incontinence (bladder or bowel leaks), pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, pain with sexual intercourse. Pelvic floor physiotherapy can help with these problems. Pelvic floor problems can be very common. They are often not treated as this can be a private and personal area. With your assessment and treatment I hope to empower you with information and guidance to take control of these problems and take the stigma out of pelvic floor problems.

What is involved in a pelvic floor physiotherapy assessment?

The assessment will take 60-75 minutes and includes a thorough health history taking including your goals of coming for physiotherapy. Education on the pelvic floor and how it may relate to your problem will be discussed. Then a thorough posture, breath, movement and musculoskeletal examination is conducted as it may relate to your pelvic floor problem. Finally an internal examination of your pelvic floor will be performed to determine what is contributing to your pelvic floor problems. The internal examination is performed by palpating the pelvic floor muscles vaginally or anorectally. This procedure is done with the utmost care and the client will always be in control of deciding when she/he is ready to have the internal exam done. The information from the internal examination is vital to determine an appropriate treatment plan to achieve your goals.

Why do I need a pelvic floor exam?

Our pelvic floor muscles are hidden in our pelvis. They work silently without us knowing they even exist. Having a connection to our pelvic floor is very important for optimal core strength, bladder and bowel control and sexual health. When problems arise such as bladder leaks or pelvic pain, it is important to evaluate the pelvic floor muscles. We want to know if the muscles are weak or overactive or tight? Is there a lot of muscle tone and or trigger points? How well are these muscles coordinating with the rest of your core, the diaphragm, deep abdominal and deep back muscles? Without doing an internal assessment of the pelvic floor muscles we will not know how best to help treat your problem.

Do I have to have an internal exam?

No, you do not have to have an internal exam. I will teach you why an internal exam may be beneficial for your treatment plan but ultimately it is your decision. We can offer treatment in other ways that would suit you best. With that being said an internal palpation of your pelvic floor muscles is still the gold standard for optimal treatment of your pelvic floor problem.

Should I cancel my appointment if I am menstruating?

No, you do not need to cancel. We can do other treatment, externally, if that is what you are most comfortable with. Otherwise, if you feel comfortable, an internal exam can be done while menstruating.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Wear something comfortable yet form fitting. Yoga style pants and a tank top are great.

Can I bring my baby to the appointment?

Absolutely, babies and children are most welcome to come.

Is this covered by my insurance?

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is covered under physiotherapy. Most extended health plans have coverage for physiotherapy and therefore it would be covered. Each plan has different coverage amounts and requirements. I always suggest you contact your insurance provider prior to your first appointment to inquire about your coverage. You will be provided with a receipt that can be submitted to your insurance company after the appointment.

Do I need a Doctor’s referral?

No, you do not need a Doctor’s referral for the appointment. However, many extended health plans do require a Doctor’s referral in order for you to qualify for coverage. Please contact your insurance provider to determine this.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please give me 24 hours notice for a cancellation so that another patient can be offered your appointment time. In the event that 24 hours is not given, the full treatment fee will be charged. I understand that there are special circumstances where this is not possible and in these cases the fee will be waived.